Cindy Yen Chooses Cherished Dog over Handsome Guy in New MV

The Taiwan music entertainment has added a new “cherished dog” to the family. For rookie Cindy Yen, who has worked hard by herself in her return to Taiwan, her most important family member in the spotlight was her treasured dog Tofu. These past few days shooting for her new MV “The Sky After the Rain”, Cindy didn’t want to be accompanied by a handsome guy, but asked the director to let Tofu fill in as the male lead.

When shooting for “The Sky After the Rain” MV, Cindy suddenly asked the director if her cherished dog can get into the shot. After the director agreed, Cindy hurried her mother to bring out Tofu. As soon as Tofu saw Cindy, the dog enthusiastically ran headfirst to Cindy and frenetically started licking and kissing the singer, and also ran circles around Cindy, with the close interaction between the singer and her dog quickly captured on film by the director.

About her cherished dog, Cindy said, “I didn’t have any sisters or brothers, and my dog resembled having one and was like a family member accompanying me.” When her Maltese died of illness back in America and her Chihuahua having been stolen, Cindy was left heartbroken by the loss of two dogs in a row. Coming to Taiwan last year to prepare for her new album, Cindy was left in an incredible lonely state. Therefore, Cindy bought the Maltese-Chihuahua mixed breed Tofu in order to remind of her of the two dogs that she lost.

Source: UDN

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