Chinese Government Bans Taiwanese Artistes

It looks like the previously reported cancellation of KangXi Festival might not have been the fault of the organizers.

According to reports, China's PRC film censorship bureau (SARFT) quietly recently issued a verbal order to temporarily shutout Taiwanese hosts. The reason? So that New Year's Eve concerts and variety shows do not become "money-burning contests."

Jacky Wu, as well as Xiao S and Tsai Kang-yung, hosts of Martial Arts Gathering and KangXi Festival respectively, were rumored to have been affected. However, Wu has denied notification of being shutout and KangXi Festival is still expected to put on seven concerts next year, though they are still in the negotiation stage.

It seems like the Chinese government is still keeping a watchful eye on the entertainment world. Do top government officials enjoy shows like Kang Xi Lai Le?

Source: Epoch Times, NOWnews, UDN

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