Blue Lan and Jocelyn Wang having Secret Romance in Tokyo?

As a result from filming “Easy Fortune Happy Life”, the media blew the whistle on the rumor that the drama’s lead actors Blue Lan and Jocelyn Wang were shopping hand-to-hand. It seems like the two are following the steps of Jay Chou and Patty Hou by having a secret romance in Tokyo.

There have already been weekly allegations of lead actor Blue Lan has already been having a romance with Jocelyn for two months. Furthermore, Jocelyn is said to have keys to go freely around Blue Lan’s house.

Although the two of them later denied it, Blue Lan and Jocelyn were both seen shopping in Tokyo and holding hands according to the latest reports, and because of their cheerful appearance, it seemed like they wanted to be seen and attract attention.

Regarding this, both Blue Lan and Jocelyn refused to respond.

Source: The Liberty Times

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