Barbie Hsu Wants to Stop Living the Single Life and Meet Guys

Recently busy with film work, Da S (Barbie Hsu) attended a promotional event for beauty products in Hong Kong, while also talking about her feelings to the public. Da S admitted that she’s at the low point of her love life, and would like to quickly stop living the single life. Having had previous relationships with both Blue Lan and Vic Chou, Barbie expressed that for her future love life, the guy doesn’t have to be rich, and that he has to be mature.

Taiwan’s “Today’s News” reported that since her debut with girl band ASOS with sister Xiao S (Dee Hsu), the two of them have always been outspoken about their image in popular entertainment world. They have also been willing to share their lives with her fans, no matter how big or small. Unlike other entertainers, who are unwilling to talk about their love lives, the sisters have been uncharacteristic, with Xiao S publicly talking about her break up and falling in love, and Da S’s feelings with Blue Lan and Vic Chou never being a secret.

Seeing her younger sister already married and having a happy family as someone’s wife, Da S also expressed interest in marriage on more than one occasion. In her previous endorsement of donning night gowns, Da S said she wanted to wear sexy nightwear with her husband in the future. And at a event endorsing beauty products, when in the throngs of people a fan held up her child to catch a glance of the idol’s presence, Da S got to hold the child for her to hug. She said that she really likes children herself, and when she sees children, she can’t help but want to hold them.

Every time there’s a scandal with someone from her circle of friends, Da S laughs and says that it’s because she has such a small circle, and that she often doesn’t have time to meet friends outside her circle. Besides her co-workers, family is her life. Having debuted since she was ten years old, Da S stated that her life has been under the spotlight for so many years. She always believed before that love was everything.and that she never felt that love should be hidden. But Da S expressed that thinking about it in retrospect, it gets tiring for her every move to be watched, and that the next time she falls in love, she will keep a low profile.

Source: Sina

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