Aska Yang's management contract up; thanks his fans on blog

Aska Yang's two year contract just came to an end.  Now a free man, he updated his blog with a post titled, "Not my tone," to thank his supporting fans.  The post was filled with ten lines of heart shaped emoticons, which is really different from his usual style of blogging.  In any case, fans expressed their thanks for all the love from Aska.  Hopefully, Aska will continue to sing more good songs to treat his fans.

Aska made an appearance on One Million Star last month to celebrate the 40th anniversary of CTV, by singing a medley of serial theme songs.  Many praised his performance.  But due to the ongoing lawsuit with his previous agency (for signing a spokesperson contract without his knowledge), Aska is still in search for a new agency.  Until then, fans will have to wait a patiently before he can release another single.

Here's a clip of Aska singing "曾經太年輕" (Used to be too young) on One Million Star

Credits: Nownews, hsing006

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