Ariel Lin no new dramas; The curse of Golden Bell?

Since Ariel Lin has received Golden Bell's best actress award, she has not had any upcoming new drama projects.  Could this be the curse of Golden Bell?  As we were informed previously, Ariel and Jerry Yan were originally signed on to film "Extravagant Challenge", but due to various reasons, the project has been halted and the project is put on hold indefinitely. 

Nonetheless, Ariel is keeping herself busy with promotional activities such as for her album and the launch of the broadcast of "The Legend of the Condor Heroes."  Although LOCH has already initially been broadcasted in Taiwan three years ago, it is the first time that it will be broadcasted on a non-cable network.  In addition, under her good friend, Joe Cheng's recommendation, Ariel will start preparing to act in a stage play.

In terms of her love life, Ariel revealed that she is looking for someone, and her criteria for that special someone is that he needs to be a bit mysterious, while not being too feminine or long hair, and need to have some distinct masculine features.  Ariel also revealed that she was dating someone not from showbiz before, but they ended their relationship because he could not tell whether she truly loved him or not.

Credit: nownews

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