Angela Chang Releases New MV Despite Family Scandal

With Angela Chang embroiled in negative media attention due to her recent falling out with her mother over money, the Taiwanese pop sensation hopes that the recent release of her full-length MV to her title song “The 5th Season” will shift attention away from her family scandal and more towards her skill and fame as an artist.

Recently, Angela has been restricted by her management company from doing direct promotions regarding her latest album, primarily due to said family scandal. As a result, sales from her album took a significant hit. When Angela’s management company was asked about whether Angela and her mother have resumed communication, the company replied that they were not clear on the matter.

Shifting attention to the filming of the MV itself, the director chose a concept for Angela to play two different angles. The first one, which had her dressed in a transparent, white gauze dress while barefoot or sitting in a glass window, was meant to symbolize a lack of privacy and the sense of nakedness. The director requested that Angela perform as if though she were trapped in some psychological drama, coaching her on example situations to get her to ease into the mood.

Regardless of the concept chosen by the MV’s director, the music itself from Angela’s title song off her latest album introduces an experimental mixture of musical genres. Such mixtures range from the interplay of alternative rock and classical music in the background, to Angela’s signature ballad singing with new age vocals thrown in for good measure.

What do you think of Angela’s new MV in the midst of her continued recent negative media storm?

Source: The Liberty Times, UrasiansourceCpop

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