Ah Sa happily plays in water while shooting a commercial; Wants to collaborate with Ah Gil

Having snatched the throne for the "Most Popular Commercial Empress" for two consecutive years, Charlene Choi (Ah Sa) was very playful when filming a new commercial recently and ended up playing in the pool. This resulted in a natural cute image. However, she admitted that she still wanted to work together with her former partner, Ah Gil (Gillian Chung).

The advertisement firm spend millions to construct a shooting scene especially for Ah Sa. With her graceful figure, Ah Sa acted out the life of a society female. Dressed in an elegant white suit, she sat on the ground between emerging fountains. Sometimes he happily danced with the spring water, other times she lightly splashed water onto the pillars -- she gave off an elegant and refined image. Ah Sa excitedly expressed that what made the deepest impression on her was the fountains bubbling up from underground. The commercial segment seemed supernatural. However, she still could not help but divulge that even though the fountain seemed cool, refreshing and gentle in the shots, they were actually completely the shoot in a hot and dry environment. After a few work days, her skin, honestly, could hardly bear it any longer.

Despite having to fly solo, Ah Sa has still snatched the "Most Popular Commercial Empress" throne for two consecutive years. She indicated that she has been in discussions with more than a few advertisement companies this year. The road she is on has also gradually become more mature. Although, she no longer needs to split the rewards in half, Ah Sa still misses the friendship from the olden days, even stating that she wanted to work together with Ah Gil once again. Not only has Ah Sa been in a movie, she also has many invitations to shoot commercials for Mainland jewelry and clothing. She is most satisfied with her teeth and would like to be in a toothpaste commercial.

Source: Epoch Times

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