Ah, the “Beautiful Days” of Cyndi Wang

The main song for Cyndi Wang’s new album this time is “Beautiful Days”, and the story arc of the MV involves a young girl who is into Cyndi Wang’s music. The intriguing thing is that the girl unexpectedly discovers that her own love life follows exactly like the plots in Cyndi’s MVs.

The catalyst of the MV’s story is when the girl crashes into a guy wearing a panda suit. It turns out that the guy in the suit is a guy that the girl had a crush on for a long time. A picnic next to a pool without water, familiar scenes and dances, donning military and school uniforms, and a love confession at the beach, the plot really does revisit characteristic scenes that harkens back to those iconic Cyndi Wang MVs. Every song and every picture really are beautiful days!

Check out the MV below and experience those scenes yourself below (courtesy of UrAsianSourceCpop)!

Cyndi Wang's "Beautiful Days" MV:

Source: 163.com, UrAsianSourceCpop

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