Winners of the 23rd annual Golden Melody Awards

Veteran pop-rock band Mayday was definitely the big winner of the night, taking home 6 awards.  Here are the rest of the winners of major categories highlighted in yellow:

Best Song of the year
Perfect Landing / Let You Replace Me
Noah’s Ark / Second Round
So After I’ve Grown Up / So After I’ve Grown Up
Speaking of Love / Sing It Out Of Love
Those Years / Those Years

Best Album
Second Round(no where ver.)
Perfect Life
My Love
No Crying
Sing It Out Of Love

Best Male Singer
Luan Dan A Xiang / Let You Replace Me
Yoga Lin / Perfect Life
Eason Chan / ?
Jay Chou /Exclamation Mark
Jam Hsiao / Wild Dreams

Best Female Singer
A-Lin / We Will Be Better
Stefanie Sun / It’s Time
Hebe Tien / MY LOVE
Waa (Wei Ru-Xuan) / No Crying
A-Mei Chang / R U Watching?
Tanya Chua / Singing It Out Of Love

Best Band
Tizzy Bac
Buddha Jump
Mary See The Future

Best New Artist
Wu Nan-Ying / I’m Just
The Girl and The Robots / Miss November
A-Fu Teng / Yuan Lai Ru Ci!!
Ilid Kaolo / My Carefree Life
Jess Lee / Thank You My Love

Best Music Video
Imperial Army / Takasago Army
Crazy From Loneliness / So After I’ve Grown Up
My Love / MY LOVE
Bird’s Nest / What Is Troubling You
Old Love Song / Home in the Arctic Village

Best Composer
Mayday’s Masa / Noah’s Ark / Second Round
Jiao An-Pu / Please Give Me A Better Rival In Love / MY LOVE
A-Chord Hsieh / So After I’ve Grown Up / So After I’ve Grown Up
Khalil Fong / Solitary Patient / ?
Tanya Chua / Speaking Of Love / Sing It Out Of Love

Click here for the complete list of winners

Source: UDN
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[Updated] Van Ness Wu rumored to be engaged

[6/5/2012] Van Ness Wu and his girlfriend Arissa are rumored to have gotten engaged just last month.  Appledaily reported that the couple kept a low profile and only invited their parents to dinner.

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Yoga Lin admits to breaking up with G.E.M.

Yoga Lin completed his concert at the Taipei Arena over the weekend.  While he was playing the guitar during the concert, his strings broke.  He joked at the celebration party afterwards, “It’s the first time that my strings broke.  It feels like my skills have gone up a level!”

When the media asked if he had invited his rumored girlfriend G.E.M. to his concert, he replied, “All my friends were invited,” and then added, “That person (G.E.M.) probably didn’t come to watch.”  Since they were rumored to have broken up, the media asked if they could now describe her as “Yoga Lin’s ex-girlfriend.”  He answered, “You guys were the ones who wrote that.  I don’t mind it,” indirectly admitting that their relationship had ended.

During the encore part of his concert, he sang his heart out with pop-rock band Mayday.  He even humorously confessed his love to Mayday’s lead vocalist, Ashin.  He later explained that it was bass player Masa’s idea.

Source: Appledaily
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Yen-J wants to become an actor?

Singer-songwriter Yen-J didn’t have any luck in getting any nominations for this year’s Golden Melody Awards.  He admitted to being a bit disappointed but said that he would not change his music style for the sake of winning an award.  He plans to release a new album in the summer.

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Aaron Yan sheds tears over poor ratings

CTS/GTV’s “Alice In Wonder City” has just wrapped up its filming.  Aaron Yan spent eight months to film the drama including learning how to play the violin.  Many viewers praised that his violin playing scenes were very real and that his acting had improved a lot.  However, the drama continued to struggle in ratings as it only averaged 0.56% on last weekend’s episode. (Top photo: Aaron (right) and Shiou Jieh Kai are the leads.)
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Nick Chou attracts a thousand fans to mini-concert and signing event

“Nickthereal” Nick Chou held a special preorder sales mini-concert and signing event at Ximending a few days ago.  A thousand female fans flooded the area, causing nearby shops to protest as they were unable to do business.  His fans, which were mostly middle and high school students, shouted together excitedly, “Nick Chou, you’re so handsome!”  They continued to shake the area with their screams at his every move.
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Della Ding knocks Show Luo out of first place in album sales

On last week’s G-Music's album sales chart, Della Ding’s “One In A Thousand” debuts at first place, dethroning Show Luo, who had been in the top spot for six weeks in a row!  Her album landed in second on Five Music’s album sales chart.  She responded during her signing event, “I want to thank my fans for their support.  I will continue to work hard.”
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Elva Hsiao admits to going bike riding with Kai Ko

It’s been 120 days since 32 year-old Elva Hsiao and 20 year-old Kai Ko were rumored to be dating and just days ago, they were spotted riding bikes together at night.  Elva was at an event yesterday and admitted to going bike riding with Kai (top photos: Elva covered her ears when the media asked about the love rumor and she tried to hide her smile when talking about Kai).  When asked if being with Kai made her feel younger, she replied, “I’ve always been young!”  As for their 12-year age gap, she responded, “I don't reject it,” and expressed that she and Kai get along very well, “(He’s) very real, sincere, and filial.”  However, she emphasized that her frequent dates with Kai are nothing more than going out with a friend.  She then pleaded the media, “Oh, can you guys stop asking?!”  Regardless of what she says, the media is not convinced as they’ve been spotted together numerous times which included going to the movies, hanging out at a nightclub, meeting at the National Dr. Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall, at a coffee shop, and going bike riding.
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A-do makes a comeback after two years

Singaporean singer A-do is finally coming back to release a new album after two years since his last one.  He revealed that during these two years, he has been living a steady life, which he gained a lot of weight as a result.  For the sake of releasing the album, he is jogging every day and trying to eat less of starch related products.  A-do said, “If I don’t eat rice, I don’t feel full.  After a while, I stopped weighing myself.” 

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Jeremy Liu opts out of the Golden Melody Awards

Last year in July, Jeremy Liu released the album, “Touched”, and his single, “Thinking of You”, immediately became an internet sensation with his intentional flat vocals accompanied with a retro style MV.  After Golden Melody unveiled its list of nominees, some expressed that it was a pity that Jeremy’s album was not nominated.  However, Jeremy’s dad, Liu Jia-Chang, revealed that he did not allow the record company to send a GMA application for the album because he was afraid of his son feeling hurt.  Nonetheless, he wanted to thank those who supported the album.

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Aaron Yan beats Jiro Wang by a nose in Sunday night idol drama ratings battle

Fahrenheit fans were torn apart last Sunday as Aaron Yan’s new drama, “Alice In Wonder City”, premiered against Jiro Wang’s “Absolute Boyfriend”.  Here’s the result you’ve been waiting for... Aaron beat Jiro by 0.01%!  However, it's hardly anything to celebrate about as it scored a disappointing 0.65% overall.  The fans believe that both dramas were hurt due to airing at the same time, causing fans to constantly switch channels to catch both.  Fahrenheit’s manager commented, “This is how the battle of idol dramas is.  (I) can only say that both of them need to work harder.”
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Leehom Wang celebrates his 36th birthday

Leehom Wang turned 36 yesterday!  When he arrived on location to film his movie early morning, the crew prepared a cake for him and the director gave him tea leaves that were worth 100 thousand RMB.  Thirty members from his fan club visited him on location and give him five cases of red wine and two birthday cakes. 
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